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1. Question :

Ethics of the deontological school would drive the commanding officer (CO) to make what decision?

To seek the best welfare for his sailor

To take risks of courage

To calculate the best possible outcome

To ask what virtues he seeks to honor

To do his duty under rules and procedures

Question 2. Question :

A decision to get the injured seaman flown to the aircraft carrier for the good of all is an example of what kind of ethics?


An application of virtuous courage




Question 3. Question :

Thinking, “my conscience will never let me sleep if something bad happens to my seaman,” shows that the CO has been reading what ethicist?

Thomas Aquinas

Ayn Rand

Thomas Hobbes

John Stuart Mill

Jean-Jacques Rousseau

Question 4. Question :

What virtue is not shown if the CO shows unwillingness to contact the carrier air group commander about the welfare of his sailor because of fear?



The virtue of courage



Question 5. Question :

If the CO follows a principle that relates to the first formulation of the categorical imperative, what is the proper term of Kant’s that should be used?






Question 6. Question :

A voice in one’s head telling one what the right thing to do is

Aristotle’s Virtues of the Mean.

An act of conscience.

Calculated acceptance of unavoidable consequences.

Being driven by personal self-interest and ambition.

Ends-based thinking of the Three Primary Schools of Ethics

Question 7. Question :

To ask, “What is the best possible outcome for my whole ship” is to apply what kind of ethics?

Social contract


Deontological ethics

Being caught in a dilemma

Ethics of the mean

Question 8. Question :

If the CO fails to take action for the injured sailor’s welfare because it might damage his professional reputation, what kind of ethics is operating in the situation?




Ethical relativism


Question 9. Question :

For the CO to consider what the crew as a whole would want for handling the situation involves what kind of ethics?

Sphere of influence

Utilitarian ethics

Majority thinking

The principle of equity

Care-based ethics

Question 10. Question :

A decision to ask the injured seaman what he wants to happen is what kind of ethics?

Care-based ethics

The prudent mariner approach

Utilitarian ethics

The ethics of self-interest

The CO’s duty