ETHC445 Week 3 – Quiz

Subject: General Questions    / General General Questions

1. Question :

A fallacy is _____.

a logical progression

warrant based logic

an inference from data to a claim that circumvents sound logical reasoning

a claim that represents logical reasoning in a circuitous path

a faulty synapse in the receptacle

Question 2. Question :

A car salesman says this, in order to get you to buy a new car from him:

“Buddy! You gotta buy this car. Please! If you don’t buy it, my boss will fire me!”

This type of faulty logic is an example of _____.

the ad hominem argument

the hasty generalization fallacy

the straw man fallacy

emotional appeal to popularity

special pleading

Question 3. Question :

Do you have only a few select friends or a large circle of friends?

What fallacy is operating here?

Straw man

Appeal to fear

Ad hominem

False dilemma

Questionable statistics

Question 4. Question :

All those old people are cheap.

They never give me a fair tip when I park their cars in the valet parking lot.

What kind of fallacy is operating here?

Straw man

Appeal to fear

Hasty generalization

Questionable statistics

Slippery slope

Question 5. Question :

Measuring our country’s health by measuring the consumption of petroleum

is like measuring a person’s health my how much medical care he or she buys.

What kind of fallacy is operating here?

Hasty generalization

Questionable statistics

False analogy

Invalid in form

Confusing assumptions with facts