HELPFUL HINTS: Your exam should use the ideas and events presented in the readings and in class to develop a focused and structured response to the question. Simply recounting history during relevant periods will be insufficient. You need to use that history to make broader arguments about key ideas and concepts, as dictated by the question. If you quote particular readings, you do not need to give a formal footnote, but include relevant page numbers in parentheses after the quote. Please spell-check your response and include page numbers on your document.


You are a political consultant hired by the Republican National Committee to help improve the party’s brand with the goal of winning back the White House in the 2016 presidential election. The RNC has asked you to provide a memo which covers all three of the following:

1. Which groups of voters are typically most and least likely to vote, and why?
2. How can the party be sure that the nomination process will produce a qualified nominee?
3. What kinds of campaign strategies typically work best, and why?

You response must cover allthree of the issues raised. As noted in boldabove, you must submit BOTH a hard copy to me and an electronic copy to Chalk and Wire (accessed through the “Assessment” folder on our class Blackboard website) by the deadline.