ENGL 2326_49F_3 – American Literature

Subject: English    / General English



This is a semester-long project. The research paper will be a critical analysis of one work that will be discussed during the current semester. It will be an in depth analysis that covers the types of topics discussed in class. The easiest thing to do is an Essay Test 1 over just one work.

The paper should NOT consist of biographical information about the author, unless the information is relevant to the work. If that happens, keep the biographical information to a minimum.

The paper will NOT be a patchwork of criticism borrowed from other sources. Information that is borrowed will be properly documented in MLA format.

The paper will include AT LEAST FOUR (4) secondary sources accessed through the MLA International Bibliography. See the Library Usage Guide for refreshers on how to use this database. ALL OTHER OUTSIDE SOURCES ARE BANNED!! (This especially includes general www searches!)

The paper MUST use standard MLA documentation. If you need a refresher in this, refer to the file in Blackboard titled “MLA Research.” THE PAPER WILL FAIL IF MLA IS NOT USED PROPERLY!

FIRST AND SECOND PERSON LANGUAGE ARE NOT ALLOWED IN ANY ESSAY! The first time any variation of you/your/yours/you’re or I/me/mine/us/our/ours/we/my etc. (unless in a direct quote) appears in an essay, the essay fails.

The length of the paper will be five to seven pages of text. This DOES NOT include cover/title page or works cited page. The paper will fail if it is not five (5) FULL pages of text with standard typeface and margins.

The paper MUST include a cover/title page, individual headers on each page, and a works cited page (all of which much follow MLA format).