ENG315 Week 7 PROFESSIONAL EXPERIENCE #4 Latest 2017 March

ENG315 Week 7 PROFESSIONAL EXPERIENCE #4 Latest 2017 March

ENG315 Week 7 PROFESSIONAL EXPERIENCE #4 Latest 2017 March

Subject: English    / General English

Professional Experience #4

Due at the end of Week 7 (not eligible for late policy unless an approved documented exception)

Follow the link below to the OneDrive folder titled “Week 7.” Note the “Available Outlines” and “Completed Outlines” folders, as well as the sample outline document provided.

This week’s Professional Experience will involve three steps.

First, you will create an outline (see below for guidelines) for your Week 8 presentation based on Week 6’s PowerPoint presentation (a video preview is available under the Week 7 tab in Blackboard). Use the provided Presentation Outline Sample posted in OneDrive for this step. Download the Presentation Outline Sample document to your desktop, saving it as Your_Name_Presentation_Outline. Leave the “Comments” column blank. After you have completed your presentation outline, upload it to the “Available Outlines” folder on OneDrive.

Second, you will choose another student’s outline from the “Available Outlines” folder to review. Download the student’s outline to your desktop. Do not remove the student’s name from the file name! Just add your initials to the end of the file name. For example, if I chose Jane Doe’s presentation to review, I would save it to my desktop as Jane_Doe_Presentation_Outline_RC. In that document provide comments, suggestions for improvement, and point out strong elements of the presentation outline in the Comments column.

Finally, submit that same file with your comments to Blackboard (Not OneDrive!) to the Week 7 Professional Experience #4 link. That will prompt me to grade your assignment.

I will periodically move submissions with student comments to the “Completed Outlines” folder, where you can look to find your fellow students’ critiques of your outlines when they are finished.

Link to Professional Experience #4 (Week 7)

Outline Guidelines

Create an outline of your presentation using the provided Presentation_Outline_SAMPLE document. Focus on short bullet points and key things that you want to say in either your audio or video recording for Week 8.

Commenting Guidelines

When commenting on a fellow student’s outline, please use the “Comments” field of the provided Excel example.

Your comments should be a mixture of celebrating strong points, pointing out areas for improvements, and general comments.

In order to receive credit for completing this task you must:

• Upload your presentation outline file to the “Available Presentations” folder

• Choose and comment on another student’s presentation using the “Comments” field in Microsoft Word/Excel

• Submit the completed outline to the Professional Experience #4 link in Blackboard

This is a pass/fail assignment. All elements must be completed (simulating the workplace where incomplete work is unacceptable) for credit. You cannot receive partial credit.