ENG101 English Composition I Module 5 case

Subject: English    / General English

Welcome to the fifth case assignment. In this assignment, you will write a four-five page, double spaced, argument about any topic you would like. Controversial topics are often what people look for to write about, but using local issues, issues you are familiar with, or issues less controversial (whether to use a real Christmas tree or a fake one, for example) work just as well. Sometimes, using less controversial topics are easier to work with than highly charged topics, but in any case, choose a topic you already know something about. The focus here will be on how well you can present your argument in writing. Use the following scheme to help you.

Assignment: Write a four-five page, douple spaced, argumentative essay.

Introduce the topic and why it is important
Express your position on the topic
What do others say about your topic
Refute or consider what others say about your topic
Use statistics, facts, or other evidence to support your position
Conclude by reminding readers of your topic, its importance, and your position


Write a four-five page argument on a topic of your choosing
An introduction and conclusion
Attempt to avoid logical fallacies
Use evidence like statistics, personal experience, facts, and/or examples
Citing sources appropriately