Subject: Business    / Marketing

you will draft a one to two page internal memorandum to the Vice President of Marketing, Mary Walsh that does the following:

(If you are not familiar with how to write a memo, consult your book or this wiki:

Identifies and addresses key concerns or problems with the current site?

Recommends and outlines specific changes to the website?

Provides a discussion as to how the recommended changes will improve the effectiveness of the website and why?

Some things to keep in mind when drafting your memorandum:

Mary Walsh is your primary audience, while your classmates and instructor are your secondary audience.

Your memorandum should include all the essential elements and conventions of a memo including: identifying information, purpose statement, relevant headings, summaries, background information, highlighted action items, effective organization, and tone.

Your memorandum must look professional and be free of grammatical and typographical errors. It should follow general formatting standards for memorandums.

You may utilize information from Part I of your site analysis for your memorandum 500 words. Amazon Website

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