Employees can’t sue the company for injuries as long

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Employees can't sue the company for injuries as long as the company is paying worker comp insurance premiums. However, excessive employee injuries can result in higher workers compensation insurance premiums. What can be done to minimize injuries so that the insurance cost can be minimized? What will these actions cost the company? What will they save after taking these actions? Note: if the competition has a safer work environment, then competition worker comp insurance costs will be lower, which allows them to have lower product prices.Do customers or others (UPS delivery person) visit their offices, shop floor? What are they doing to protect themselves from customer injury lawsuits (slips on wet floor)? Are they aware of their responsibilities to protect visitors? What can you recommend to manage this risk?Are company vehicles involved? Is there a risk that employees could injure others with company vehicles that may result in lawsuits? Are employees using personal vehicles for business use? What is the risk to the company in the event that an employee in a personal vehicle is involved in an accident while driving for business purposes?Are they protecting customer data on their computer adequately? Do they have a good data backup plan (including a backup copy at an offsite location in case of fire), latest virus protection, firewall software to prevent hackers from obtaining customer info? What plans are in place should their current computer server crash during busy seasons?Is there a risk of lawsuits due to the damage caused by incorrect parts? The next step is to evaluate how the company manages these risks and make recommendations to improve their policies.Can they implement additional fire safety methods to save money on property insurance?Is the business searching the internet to find negative commentary from customers on a regular basis? How do they plan to address any negative comments on websites, blogs or twitter? (advice available in articles online)

What training is being done for employees & temp workers on changes in laws, customer service expectations, and ethic s expectations to avoid costly legal fees associated with violations in any of these areas?Lack of new business is a risk because the loss of a current customer without a new one to replace it could be a financial risk. What is the cost of losing one account? What is the cost of hiring a part time sales rep or what is the cost of a manager so that the owner can focus on sales and account management?Is this business/employee in a home? Homeowners insurance may not cover damages resulting from business operations. Is there any liability coverage against customer lawsuits? What liability insurance options are available?