Effects of addiction and drug abuse

Subject: Psychology

Topic: Effects of addiction and drug abuse.
The question would be better answered with specifics – what type of drug abuse are you studying? An addict could be dependent on different substances ranging from alcohol to cocaine – each of the drugs would have a different effect on the user. The effect would depend on the type of drug, the general health of the addict, how long and how often the person uses the drug, how the particular drug is injected into the body amongst other factors.

Moreover one could look at the effects of addiction at various levels – at the level of an individual – how is the physiology and behavior of the person altered; at the level of the collective – what has been the role of drugs in creation of art or in the incidence of criminal activities, as well as the level of the relationship between the addict and his or her family and friends.

You can find more information by contacting alcohol and drug treatment centers or associations like Alcoholics Anonymous