Education: needs of a group of numeracy learners

TYPE: Coursework


You will need to consider learners’ motivations and aspirations, their perceptions of numeracy and mathematics and the impact of their various backgrounds and maths histories. * Discuss the issues that affect the learning of individuals within the group * Explain how assessment has been used to identify and address learner needs and to plan for differentiation * Identify and justify approaches to teaching that you have or could use Proposed structure and content This is a suggested rather than required format. You may achieve the assessment outcomes in other ways although note the content, analysis and referencing that is required. (a) Introduction (approx 200 words) Explain the whole work Describe the context in which the group is studying, include how initial assessment has been used to identify the needs of the group (b) Personal, social and cultural factors (approx 700-800 words) Describe and discuss the issues that affect the learning of the group. Include issues such as gender, age, class, previous educational experiences and other relevant factors. In addition you could consider personal issues such as learning and physical disabilities. Consider the context of learning and the motivation of learners. Analyse issues through reference to the readings introduced in sessions, including Bynner and Parsons, Colwell, Swain et al, Griffiths & Stone. (c) Teaching and learning strategies (approx 700-800 words) Identify and justify approaches to teaching that you have or could use. Explain how the strategies you have selected will enable learners to make progress. Reference to appropriate literature eg DfES curricula documents, Swan (d) Summary / conclusion (approx 200-300 words) (e) Reference list – alphabetic by author surname (f) Appendix Table of learners showing characteristics eg initial assessment results, gender, first language, age, specific learning needs of the group, levels etc. Ensure learner names are anonymised – do not refer to them by real name