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Algorithm is one of grand ideas, which clarifies steps that help in solving problem in accurate way. Algorithm applies for Information Technology filed and Computer Science filed. Even though Computer Science (CS) professional and Information Technology (IT) professional are related, they differ in their tasks. For example, CS professional should discover and create an algorithm to solve the problem such as Excel, while the IT professional should apply the algorithm and mange his business such as creating a database by using Excel, which CS created to keep business running smoothly. The most important and interest attributes for an IT are application and communication of algorithm. Application of algorithm is the most important attribute for an IT professional because IT people should apply the algorithm that they already knew to solve computer problems based on CS professional’s discovery. For example, if there is a company that needs a database to organize and query data easily and quickly, IT professionals in this company are responsible to apply and choose an appropriate database, whereas discovering and creating a database from scratch is CS professionals’ responsibility. At the same time, communication of algorithm is significant attribute that IT people must take into account because IT people deal with people as well as technical devices. For example, if there is an error message prevents employees in a company from completing their work, IT people must handle this issue. Therefore, those employees will talk with IT team in their company to solve the problem by clarifying the problems. Thus, the IT people should be friendly and patient to fully understand the problem. Unlike IT people, Computer Science people don’t communicate with people. In other words, CS professional deal with codes, numbers, data, and most machine languages.