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Research Paper Proposal
In 1997 The Kyoto Protocol was signed in Kyoto, Japan. The Kyoto Protocol is supposed to reduce the emissions of the six greenhouse gases. Once The Kyoto Protocol is signed by a country, it legally binds the them to reduce emissions of these greenhouse gases by an average of 5%. Each country must achieve this goal by the year 2012. As of now almost all of the industrialized countries have signed The Kyoto Protocol. The United States of America pulled out of The Kyoto Protocol in March 2001. This almost destroyed The Kyoto Protocol. However, July 2001 a compromised scaled-down version of The Kyoto Protocol was created but President Bush stated back then that the US would never sign The Kyoto Protocol. And it hasn’t been signed still.
In this paper you would address the issues of what will the economic effects of The Kyoto Protocol be for countries that did or did not sign it? Why didn’t US want to sign The Kyoto Protocol? What would the economic effects have been to the US if Bush had signed the Kyoto Protocol? What public policies will have to be changed if the US decides to sign The Kyoto Protocol? What effect will these policies have?
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