Write a paper between 500 – 750 words, in which you demonstrate your understanding of the concepts in the units, and you apply them to your own life. For each of the papers, you will have two prompts to choose from. You only have to answer one. Please turn in your essay via the Dropbox in Blackboard.


Option 2: ¬†Cautionary tales!¬†Please describe a fictional person who thinks they are planning well, but they’re actually making the worst possible decisions. How do they squander their opportunities to build human capital? What are the wrong-headed decisions they make about their own education, costs of college, employment, etc. Then, describe their horrific decisions in deciding what and how to rent or buy.


The second prompt please! This is for a special topics of econ class but dont worry about using any formal termonology or anything like that. And if you have an questions let me know:)