ECON 1210 – Sapling Learning LE IraLmlla-u Italian

Subject: Economics    / General Economics
a Sapling Learning LE IraLmlla-u Italian: The ?gure below illustrates the market for avocados in New Zealand. a wodd prise [alderI under free trade.
The world price of euoeedo-s is $3 per potnd. Suppose the New Zealand ernment imposes an import tariff of $2 per pound on avocados. Move the two triangles below to desor the deadline tloss from the
tax and answer the uestlon to the ‘ ht. Note, alter r plsu:’.en’lrerl.ts1 point A should :1 h the lower left vertex and point staid remain n the lower do t vertex of each area. Also note ?rst you staid use
both triangles. New Eealand Market for Avocados
. A A Domestic Stool? What is the gouemment revenue from the
Number 5E Frloe {5 per pound:
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