Use Disney Annual report and use to apply what we have learned this semester.  Below are some concepts we covered but not all.  Use your textbook (Intermediate Accounting 14th e, Kieso) for concepts we covered and show calculations for anything you do.  You can separate by chapter on paper- remember to show all your work.

For example:
Chapter 14 Long Term Liabilities
•	Bond Transactions (Issuance, retirement)
•	Amortization schedules – effective interest method

Chapter 15 Stockholders’ Equity
•	Stocks (common,preferred,treasury)
•	Dividends (cash, stock)
•	Stock Splits

Chapter 16 Dilutive Securities and Earnings per Share
•	Issuance of Bond with Warrants & Detachable Warrants
•	Issuance,Exercise, and Termination of Stock Options
•	Weighted Average Number of Shares
•	EPS: Simple Capital Structure
•	EPS with convertible bonds
•	EPS with Options

Chapter 17 Investments
•	Investment Classification (Trading, available for sale, held to maturity)
•	Trading securities
•	Fair Value and Equity Method

Chapter 18 Revenue Recognition
•	Point of sale
•	Recognition of profit and long term contracts
•	Analysis of percentage of completion F/S
•	Gross Profit on uncompleted contract
•	Long Term contracting reporting
•	Installment sales method calculations
•	Interest Revenue from installment sale
•	Installment Sales-default repossession

Chapter 22 Accounting Changes and Error Analysis
•	Change in principle-Long Term contracts
•	Accounting Changes-depreciation
•	Accounting for accounting changes and errors
•	Error change in estimate
•	Change in estimate-depreciation
•	Change from Equity to Fair Value
•	Change from Fair Value to Equity Method

Take annual report and use it to apply what we learned this semester.  Paper nees to be between 2  ½ -5 pages.