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Discussion -1

Assessment is a common aspect of each and every classroom. In the twenty-first century classroom, assessment for learning is essential to ensure that students are mastering key skills. The video,">Assessment for Learning, points out key strategies that can be employed in the classroom in order to ensure student success. After watching the video, share your thoughts on the structures and strategies a teacher needs to put into place in order to ensure that an effective classroom environment is created to foster twenty first century learning. Address and include the following:

    Key strategies from the video


    Your own ideas about both formative and summative assessments


    How both sets of ideas could be implemented to create an effective classroom environment

Be sure to include examples to illustrate and support your ideas.



In the TedTalk,">Daphne Koller: What We’re Learning From Online Education, Daphne Koller states that “Big breakthroughs happen when it is suddenly possible meets when it is desperately necessary.” After watching the Ted Talk, think about how data-driven decision making places focused attention on using a range of information to meet the needs of students and to guide instructional decisions. Do you think such a focus removes the human aspect of teaching and connecting with students on a personal level? On other hand, can we learn more about each other in a world in which data drives decisions to improve all aspects of life, including teaching and learning? Describe how you see the role of technology and data in enhancing and/or detracting from students being able to achieve their potential?


In your post, please address/include the following:

    A critique of this quote: Big breakthroughs happen when it is suddenly possible meets when it is desperately necessary. Is Koller right about this, or is this just a glib, empty statement? Support your ideas with examples.
    An analysis of the differences between online and traditional learning. Which is more effective? Under what conditions?
    What do the words data and technology mean in the context online education?
    How can an online instructor make the teaching and learning experience more human and personal?

Be sure to include examples to illustrate and support your ideas.



Assessment Matters
As a teacher, you need to have solid knowledge of formative and summative assessment and how each can help you ensure students are mastering key contents and skill. You also need to be able to take the information gleaned from assessments and make decisions that support the learning of all your students. This week, you will build on your previous assignment from last week and integrate the knowledge from your research and the readings.


Watch the following videos:">Rick Wormeli: Formative and Summative Assessment">TEDxSoCal – Dr. Brian Stecher – Cultivating Thriving Schools

Both videos examine the role of accountability and how they can and do impact our work in schools. Brian Stecher specifically discusses three indicators that drive everything that happens in schools, while Rick Wormeli outlines how different types of knowledge are assessed.


In this assignment, please address the following topics and questions:

    Analyze the roles of assessment and evaluation in school improvement and in measuring educational quality.


    Examine and explain your perspectives on the roles and trends related to assessment in education.


    Evaluate the value of both types of assessment and, specifically, the role you see assessment playing in your classroom.


    Evaluate the roles of both formative and summative assessment in the classroom. How does each form of assessment support learning? In what ways can the teacher use the data from assessments to influence learning in the classroom?


    Review your work from your Week Four Assignment and provide specific details of what you see as the next step in developing an assessment for the">Common Core State Standard you identified in the activity you presented.

Please support your claims and assertions with the literature, using the course textbook, the videos, and resources for this week, as well as at least one other peer-reviewed article from the Ashford University Library. You must have three to five references total and use in-text citations throughout your paper. Please format your assignment, citations, and references in APA style. This assignment should be four to five pages in length, in addition to title and reference pages. Be sure to also save a copy of your assignment for your Final Project and for future professional development.