A. Starting with your current situation, what must you do to ensure an annual retirement income of $60,000 starting at age 65? Make sure that you submit calculations that support the conclusions (you may use the Excel retirement calculators that are provided, online retirement calculators, or develop you own Excel solution).

B. What are the advantages and disadvantages of a call provision from the viewpoints of both a firm and its bondholders? If you were the CEO of a firm, would you recommend a call provision for a new bond issue? Why or why not? Can you identify a recent bond issue that has a call provision fund?

C. Recommend two (2) bonds that you believe a gym or fitness center should invest in, and provide rationale for your recommendations? Make sure that you identify the issuers of the bonds, the coupon rates, the maturity dates, the yields to maturity, the present prices of the bonds, etc.?