Discussion: Impact on Nursing Research and Technology

Discussion: Impact on Nursing Research and Technology

Discussion: Impact on Nursing Research and Technology

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Impact on Nursing Research and Technology
Many times it is not enough to simply produce a good idea that you think may work to help patients. In order for an initiative to truly have a positive impact on the patient, you must explore the “why” behind it. This is where nursing research and evidence-based practice become essential to improving patient outcomes. In addition, recent developments in technology can help us reach our goals faster and more efficiently.

For this discussion, reflect on the safety initiative identified in the Unit 6 discussion Patient Safety Initiatives and consider the following:

What evidence in the literature supports your identified safety initiative?
How can the data from the initiative’s success measures be used to improve your processes or potentially help another organization dealing with the same issue?
What role can nurses play in the data collection and analysis process?
What technology modalities are, or may be, beneficial to your selected safety initiative, and why?
Be sure to support your discussion with references to the literature as appropriate.

Response Guidelines
Respond to at least one of your peers, offering constructive feedback or opportunities for further discussion.

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