Discuss the process of development of legal personality

Discuss the process of development of legal personality

Topic: Individuals currently have a rather interesting status within international law. They are theoretically subjects to IL, but not fully. This is because they are bound by certain international obligations in which they are held accountable individually. However, they still need, largely at the very least, the State (s) to enforce their rights (human rights for example). Discuss the process of development of legal personality of the individual in international law before and after the twentieth century.

In your text, make sure you:

Reference correctly (in-text references and quotations please, may use footnote) AND present a bibliography at the end. No specific format necessary, as long as formatting is correct and consistent throughout the paper.

Answer the questions relating to the reading material

Show the importance of what you are writing

Link/ connect your ideas clearly

Organize your text (introduction, development and conclusion)

Only include relevant information

Provide examples

When developing your paper, be attentive to answering these questions:

How was the status of the individual under IL before 20th century? (exception to the rule?)

How is it currently?

Landmarks of the change?

Why the change?

How is the status of the individuals different when compared to the States, IOs, NGOs?

Prospects for the future?

Your opinion.

You expect each student to develop their answer using the textbook (or any other resource offered by the instructor). All sources used NEED TO BE REFERENCED PROPERLY. Failing to reference and cite is considered a grave mistake and will have work grade reduced significantly. Two points deduction for all source not properly cited, and works without references at all receive a zero (0). There is no specific format to be used in the referencing, student may choose the format, as long as it is academic.

You just need the information of where you are getting your information. All information used taken from source NEED references (direct citations or indirect paraphrase:when you mention an author’s idea without citing it literally). All sources used need (Name of the author, page #, year) and quotation marks when it is a citation.

All work need a final bibliography as well. Two points deduction for works without final bibliography.