1. Discuss some of the benefits and disadvantages of using group policy in an organization

2. Pick one of the policies that is available in Windows 2012 Server and explain it. Why do you think this policy is an important one to implement in an organization? What are the negative consequences for not setting this up properly? THESE ARE DUE 9/16/2015 AND NEED REFERENCES

3. Describe TCP and UDP, and how they differ. Why do both protocols exist?

4. LabSim describes the ISATAP, 6to4 and Teredo transition technologies for IPv6. In your own words, define one (in a way that differentiates it from the others). Then, do one of the following: Describe a realistic scenario (with some details) for using the technology you chose Locate a case study or other online article (of that technology or IPv6 transition in general) and provide your thoughts on it If your organization is undergoing (or underwent) an IPv6 transition, discuss some of the details THESE ARE DUE 9/23/15 AND NEED REFERENCES

5. Consider the types of systems that benefit from DHCP reservations and/or from having manually-configured (static) IP addresses, including servers, networked printers, and other networked devices (e.g., network-connected HVAC controllers, IP camera systems). One option is to configure DHCP reservations and allow the devices to use DHCP to consistently get the same address; another option is to configure static addresses on the devices themselves and leave the addresses out of any DHCP scopes (or just to reserve them in DHCP). For the scenarios mentioned above (e.g., servers, networked printers, other similar networked devices), would you recommend static configuration on the devices or DHCP reservations? Why? Are some types of devices better suited to DHCP than others?

6.Provide a brief description for each DHCP message that would be exchanged, in order, if the DHCP server is in the middle of rebooting during an initial lease request but comes up seconds later. Answers might be slightly different depending on when you choose exactly for the DHCP server to come online. Feel free to use a diagram if you wish, and provide a rough description of timing of the messages and/or duration between them.