Directions Go to the links to files below to find…

Directions Go to the links to files below to find…


Go to the links to files below to find the experimental procedure (with instructions), the Excel file with a table to fill out, and the file with instructions on how to create your graph. Once completed, you will submit a file with your completed table and graph through the Assignment link above (the title of this assignment). You should also include a write up of your laboratory that includes all the points addressed in the 'Unit 2 Hands On Lab Rubric' found in the Grading Rubrics folder. Please review the rubric carefully to make sure your laboratory report contains all the required information.

First, read the full instructions in "Seedling Growth Response to Light Level Procedure," Seedling growth response to light level procedure.docx. Start the experiment by planting the seeds as described.
Then, begin collecting data once the seedlings have sprouted. Refer to the Excel file, seedling data chart.xlsx.
Once the data has been collected and you have entered the information into your excel file, create a graph by following the instructions for graphing, Excel2010Instructions4graphing.docx.
Submit the assignment to be graded. It is preferable that you submit a single document that is either a Word file or a PDF file. Be sure that you include your graph and excel table within your submission. If you cannot get your table or graph to copy into your document, you can submit these as separate files but be sure to refer to them in your write up.
Note on seed purchases: if you cannot find any of the recommended seed types listed in the procedure at a local store (such as Target, Home Depot, or Lowe's), online retailers such as should have fast germinating seeds available. Simply search for some of the suggested plant types listed in the procedure attached.


Required, 50 points.

Additional Requirements 
Level of Detail: Show all work