In column F, calculate the difference in years using the same function as you used to calculate ages. Make sure the difference appears as a positive number by using the ABS function. In column G, use an IF function to display the word “years” if the celebrity is not the same age as you. This cell serves as a label to the difference value from column F.........Enter appropriate math, statistical, and lookup functions to answer the questions in the Interesting Facts range. Apply appropriate formats throughout the worksheet.

Celebrity Birthdays and Ages Compared to You									
Input Area				Interesting Facts:					
Today's Date				Youngest celeb's bday and name:					
Student Name				Oldest celeb's bday and name:					
				How many celebs are older than you?					
				How many celebs are the same age?					
				How many celebs are younger than you?					
				What is the average female celeb's age?					
				What is the average male celeb's age?					
Celebrity	Gender	Birth Date	Age	You are	Difference	Years	Rank		
Aiken, Clay	M	30/11/1978