Develop a Marketing Plan

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Please read carefully at this time.(Aviod misunderstand) last time i am not happy.
I need set the topic for a food shore or a coffee or Restaurant, the location should be open in melbourne(just for a mention) no USA anymore.
same as the Reference using Australia law and standard, if you feel no idear, clean the US out. Unit guide should read for help, include teacher's guide. 1000 words above.

Assignment BSBMKG609A Course: Develop a Marketing Plan Date: Writing commences: Duration: Venue: Academies Australasia Polytechnic Instructions to candidates: Format: Assessment Activity: Marketing Plan FIRST NAME SURNAME STUDENT ID. NUMBER DEVELOP A MARKETING PLAN Marketing Plan You are asked to produce a Marketing Plan for a Small Business. The scope and choice of the business is at your discretion. You do not require any information from this business to undertake this assessment as it is your delegated task to provide and implement a Marketing Plan for the business based on the assumptions you have made during your research. Using the Marketing Template provided by your nominated lecturer write a full version of the Marketing Plan. Your Marketing Plan is assessed based on the relevance of the strategies and tactics you submit reflecting the requirements of the Performance criteria, range statement and the critical Aspects of Assessment. The submitted Marketing Plan needs to address and include each of the following key points: Conduct a SWOT Analysis of the Business in relation to its initiative Using the SWOT Analysis findings detail any strategies you would implement to market the Business. Justify your answer Develop a set of Marketing Objectives Describe how the strategies you have selected are in line with the overall business strategy Discusses and considers legal and ethical considerations. E.g. Copyright, WHS Detail each strategy you have implemented including tactics, financial costing, scheduling and list of designated responsible persons/stakeholders Include in Supplementary Documents utilized Reference all images, clipart, slogans and documents as required BSBMKG609A Develop a Marketing Plan 2013 Lecturer Subject Resource Develop a Marketing Plan Property of Academies Australasia Polytechnic Version: 1 January 2013