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Describe the type of data your current or former employer processes and correlates for us how those data are transformed into information. Is it a mostly manual process or an automated process? In terms of system integration (or lack thereof), discuss how any comprehensive reports prepared for decision makers are compiled by your company, past or present.


There are four main methods for documenting specific business processes, systems, and so on. If your company asked you to document the workflow in your department, where would you start and why? How would that change if the company asked you to document the AIS itself rather than the workflow?


Hello everyone! What knowledge, skills, and abilities (KSAs) are required of a management accountant to be an effective resource to management? Anyone?


Is there a professional association that can help the management accountant determine what is (and what is not) ethical conduct in his/her daily work? Anyone?


How does cost accounting support both managerial and financial accounting, specifically? Anyone?


If a cost can be traced directly to its cost object, why might a company choose not to trace, but rather, to include the cost in the indirect cost category and allocate on some arbitrary basis? Explain the advantages and disadvantages of tracing versus not tracing.


To add, I would also refer to the cost-benefit accounting principle…if the cost to trace a cost directly to a product is higher than the benefit to be derived, then allocate the cost to the product indirectly (manufacturing overhead)… let’s discuss manufacturing overhead in a bit more detail….which costs would be considered overhead in say, for example, a soft drink manufacturer? Anyone?


Hello everyone, let's also discuss variable versus fixed costs….examples? Anyone?