1. Consider the post 2000 period for Apple. What do you think were the driving forces that led to Apple’s phenomenal success to become the world’s largest company by market capitalisation? How did Apple identify and capitalise on market trends? How did they achieve global success? Which companies lost market share? Which market segments grew as a result of Apple’s strategies?

2. Describe Steve Jobs’ management style. What was it like working for Jobs? How would describe the culture at Apple? How would you rate Apple in terms of social responsibility and managerial ethics? Has Tim Cook adopted a different style?

3. Provide an overview of Apple’s current market position. Why has it declined from its pinnacle of market leadership in the smartphone and tablet segments? Is Apple ISYS360 Assignment One Page 1 Semester 3, 2014 losing its ‘cool’? Why did Apple fail to adequately defend its market position? Will Android eventually destroy iOS? Apple had a first mover’s advantage, market leadership in its major segments and a massive cash flow to fund investment.

4. Apple has recently launched the iPhone 6 and 6 Plus and announced the Apple Watch. Why did Apple choose these directions? Is Apple playing catch up? If you were the CEO, how would you steer new product development at Apple? The Board and shareholders would certainly like to see Apple regain its reputation as the market innovative, not follower. Is this possible or is Apple going to decline? Considering the large technology companies, which one would be your first choice for employment? Why?