Describe some of the latest applications in technologies

Please answer each of the following questions. Ensure that your responses are at least 1-2 paragraphs in length for each question. You may include examples from the text; however, please include APA citations as necessary. Please visit the Academic Resource Center for a concise guide on APA format.

1 Describe some of the latest applications in technologies by the police.

2. Explain how the development of wireless technology has assisted the police, generally.

3. Describe what capabilities exist with license plate recognition technology, including its possible advantages and disadvantages.

4. How do mapping and profiling systems apply to community policing, crime analysis, and locating serial offenders?

5. Describe how electronics can assist the police in traffic functions, image enhancement, and crime scene drafting.

6. Briefly restate the history of less-than-lethal weapons. Also, explain new developments with less-than-lethal weapons as well as where matters stand today with respect to finding the “perfect” less-lethal weapon for use by the police.