What data would illustrate whether the underlying

Subject: General Questions    / General General Questions

1 Possible & suggested data collection methods: (35 points)

3. a. What data would illustrate whether the underlying problems you identified are occurring? (10)

3. b. What methods will you use to collect this data? (10)

3.c. What are the advantages and disadvantages of using this/these methods in the Aerotech context? (10)

Question 4: Data Analysis: (10 points)

4.a. Which method/s of data analysis would you use to analyze the data you have collected and why?

Question 5: Identification of potential challenges: (20 points)

5.a. What practical and ethical challenges do you anticipate in collecting and analyzing the data?

5. b. What practical and ethical challenges do you anticipate in providing feedback to theclient?

2 A church under construction needs a complete audio-visual presentation system installed by a sub-contractor for A/V System. The job consists of the following:

1. Design layouts

2. Prepare drawings, including wiring diagrams

3. Install conduit work and wiring

4. Install Hardware

5. Install computer networked system, Plasma screens, Projectors, Amplifiers (Instruments)

6. Testing & delivery of complete system, including operation manuals & training

The time allotted for the construction of the entire project (construction of the church) is 18 months, out of which 2-3 weeks are provided for the A/V installation. 40% of total budget for A/V is instrumentation, which takes only 2 weeks to install. Do you purchase all the necessary equipment and instruments at the beginning of the project, or towards the end? Your decision affects the project cash-flow and budgeting. Draw up a GANTT Chart for all the tasks involved to complete the construction project, showing your A/V tasks in relation to all the other tasks in different color, and the delivery of H/W, and payment requests/Milestones for the project.