Crossvergence and cultural tendencies

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"Culture is a construct that is forever changing. One of the challenges that managers frequently encounter is the imperative to devise policies and procedures that are culturally sensitive but also up-to-date. Reliance upon data and observations that are dated may freeze a policy in time, when in fact, cultural elements have since evolved.

Write a paper explaining the concept of crossvergence and analysing the evidence provided in the Kelley, MacNab, and Worthley study. Evaluate the study’s claim to show that culture is not static and that organisational policies and practices need to take account of complex interactions between different cultural values. Consider cultural values relating to attitudes to work, time, authority, gender, religion and/or ethnicity in your response, and provide specific examples to support your conclusions."
The attached article must be read in order to write the assignment. Please avoid overusing qoutes from the text. If you doquote, please use italic styleand mention it directly in the text in the following format -example-“This concept and its theoretical framework does provide managers with the ability to ‘appraise the legitimacy of the management practices that they are trying to implement’ (Chevrier, 2009, pp.181).example Furthermore, whenquoting, please explain in more detail the underlying reasoning, how and why, etc.of the statement.
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