Critically discuss using consumer behaviour theories on how this famous

Subject: Business    / Management

1. Visit Critically discuss using consumer behaviour theories on how this famous Web site use enhancement of the self to attract consumers? A significant portion of sales in the organization’s retail stores are males, thus discuss if the website would be able to attract males as well as females. In answering the above, consider how the website can make it easier for males to purchase from the site as sizing may be an issue when purchasing online,as such how can the website be improved. (1500 words)
2. Describe and discuss impression-based targeting and segment-based targeting. Your discussion based on academic and managerial research ought to reveal which is the better method of targeting in the current movement from print media to social and mobile media of advertising. (1000 words)
3. You are the marketing vice president of a large soft-drink company in Malaysia. Your company’s advertising agency is in the process of negotiating a contract to employ a superstar female singer to promote your product. Discuss with supporting evidence on how factors of reference group would affect your evaluation of the celebrity before hiring. (1000 words)
4. Assume the industry your company sells to is one that typically uses buying centers. Discuss with examples and researched journal articles the implications of having a buying center, critically comparing these implications with purchases made by only one person in the firm to you as a marketer and to you as a salesperson (1000 words)