Criminal Law

the special topics component of this class was presented – Veterans entangled in criminal justice. The essay you will be writing is based on the material presented in
class on that day. There are several specific points of interest/questions that you must address in your essay:
• Based on the data presented in class, what was the primary distinction between veterans entangled in criminal justice and veterans not entangled in criminal
justice? Explain you answer.
• What is meant by veteran re-acculturation and why is it important to consider when addressing the problem of veterans entangled in criminal justice? Explain your
• Now, because this is a criminal law class, should criminal law consider the fact that a defendant is a veteran? Explain why or why not.
• Should a veteran defendant’s status, and experiences, be considered in mitigation processes (e.g., pre-trial or sentencing processes)? Explain why or why not. Each
of the 4 questions above are valued at 5 points – total of 20 points. Provide examples for each of the former questions. Absolutely no late essay responses will be
accepted! You work must be submitted in WORD format only. NO PDF submissions – PDF submissions will be treated as NO submission – resulting in a zero grade. All work
must be double-spaced (12 font. Limit your response to a combined 4 pages.