Criminal Justice - Criminal Control Perspective and Due Process Perspective

(Please make sure that the assignment is written in your own word as it need to be submitted via turnitin!
Criminal Justice Perspectives (Based on my research) !!(You only need to choose two from the following lists) 
Crime Control Perspective
Rehabilitation Perspective
Due Process Perspective
Nonintervention Perspective
Justice Perspective
Restorative Justice Perspective
Application: Perspectives on Criminal Justice
To prepare for this assignment:
Review the book excerpt from Introduction to Criminal Justice, and focus on the various perspectives on criminal justice. Think about which perspective resonates most with you.
Consider the strengths and limitations of each perspective. Also, think about the ethical issues related to each perspective.
Review Chapter 1 of your course text, Criminal Justice: A Brief Introduction, and pay attention to the opportunities and challenges of multiculturalism and diversity in the criminal justice system.
Select two perspectives on criminal justice and consider whether they fall on the crime control or the due process model.
Consider the strengths and limitations of the perspectives you selected. Also, think about an example (fictional or historical) to illustrate each of the perspectives you selected.

Answer these following questions!
The assignment (1-2 pages): (Please answer each question accordingly)
1) Briefly describe each of the two perspectives on criminal justice that you selected. Explain if the perspectives you selected support crime control or due process. Use a real-life example to illustrate your points.
2) Describe one strength and one limitation of each perspective.
3)Explain how multiculturalism and diversity might create a challenge or an opportunity to criminal justice in relation to the perspectives you selected.
4)Briefly describe at least one ethical issue related to criminal justice that is associated with one of the perspectives you selected.