Creative Advertising

Creative Advertising

Assignment: A Creative Advertising Brief for a New Small Business

Part of creative advertising is creating advertising briefs-providing information about the advertising in a document that covers the target market, media selection and other areas.

You will prepare a creative brief based on your practice in the Learning Activity and the scenario below.

Scenario: Congratulations! You are the new owner of a food truck! You will be opening your new business in the next few weeks and really want to “WOW” the customer with your advertising. You can locate the food truck where you would like and offer whatever food you would like. Using the attached PowerPoint template, go into detail about your advertising brief ideas so you can make your food truck business dream a success!

Checklist: Using the presentation template provided, address the following in your Creative Advertising Brief:

1. Advertising objectives

2. Target audience including geodemographics, psychographics and behaviorgraphics

3. Brand description

4. Customer take away

5. Media to be used Create a PowerPoint presentation of at least 10 slides using the template provided. Then add audio to the presentation. Each slide of the template should cover information contained in your creative brief. Use three (3) or four (4) bulleted points per slide. Including your notes below each slide will help you create a more professional presentation.
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