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Review the attached Case Study: Valley of the Sun Reviews.

Based on the information presented in the case study, create a decision tree or Excel-based analysis to determine the most appropriate recommendation.

In a 500-750-word report to VSA's Human Resources department and the chief financial officer, explain your approach and the rationale for this method. Evaluate both outcomes and how they would be applied to this decision. Conclude your report with your recommendation for the review process VSA should adopt. NO Plagiarism and original work only. APA FORMAT

Submit your Excel-based analysis or decision tree with your report.

Below is a link to be used as guide in regards to the decision tree.

Decision Trees: Analysis: Choosing by Projecting 'Expected Outcomes**Read "Decision Trees: Analysis: Choosing by Projecting 'Expected Outcomes,'" located on the Mind Tools website. (Note: This is a good site for gaining a high level of understanding of decision trees.)

Decision Analysis Case Study:
Valley of the Sun Reviews
Valley of the Sun Academy (VSA) is an online school specializing in GED programs for the
Phoenix area. Valley of the Sun Academy enrolls 813 students and has a part-time faculty pool of
65 online instructors.
Online faculty are reviewed annually and provided with feedback about their facilitation
techniques, content expertise, engagement, and classroom management. If necessary,
remediation and additional support are provided by the Faculty Advisory Board (FAB). The
online faculty reviews are one factor used to determine overall performance, teaching status, and
potential performance appraisals.
Recently, the FAB submitted a proposal for a new approach for the next fiscal year, the Peer
Faculty Performance Review (PFPR). Human Resources (HR) and the school’s chief financial
officer are evaluating the suggestion against the current design, described by VSA’s director.
Both review processes are outlined below.
Current Design
Valley of the Sun Academy uses an external firm, TeachBest Consulting, to conduct annual
reviews for online faculty. The review team is composed of faculty members at other online
institutions, including universities and high schools. Valley of the Sun Academy faculty are not
part of the review process, and TeachBest Consulting handles hiring and training internally.
Valley of the Sun Academy’s HR department assigns completed courses to review, and VSA’s
Technical Support team is responsible for providing access.
Once completed, the TeachBest consultant submits the review form to VSA’s HR department,
and HR submits a payment for each review. In addition, VSA has an annual contract with
TeachBest Consulting.
The overall contract is $2,500/year. If VSA’s enrollment reaches 1,000 or more students or their
faculty pool expands to 75 or more instructors, the contract amount will increase to $5,000/year.
There is a 75% chance the student enrollment will reach 1,000 students within the next 18
months and a 25% chance enrollment will not increase. During the next nine months, Human
Resources anticipates hiring at least six math instructors.
Individual reviewers are paid $75 for each review. Reviews are conducted in March, July, and
November, with all faculty reviewed by December 1.
Valley of the Sun Academy is responsible for disseminating the results of the review to faculty
members. If questions arise about review results, the FAB is responsible for verifying the review
and responding to the instructor. Periodically, the Faculty Advisory Board finds fault with the
initial review and follow-up must be scheduled. Each year, about 5% of the initial reviews are
found to be inaccurate and new reviews must be scheduled. Valley of the Sun Academy pays a
discounted price of $50 for each follow-up review. Peer Faculty Performance Review (PFPR) Proposal
The FAB proposes to conduct faculty reviews in-house and no longer contract TeachBest
Consulting. Human Resources will review faculty files and invite the top three performing
instructors in four disciplines (Literacy and Communication, Social Sciences, Math, and Science
and Technology) to join the PFPR committee.
Initial responsibilities will involve creating a new review form and conducting a norming session
for consistency. There will be ongoing technology fees of $20/month for each reviewer, to ensure
access to create and complete the review forms. There will also be an initial cost to set up the
norming session. The Faculty Advisory Board recommends one of three options:
1. A $500 session that can be scheduled at any time with TeachBest Consulting.
2. A $750 session offered monthly by an external employee development firm.
3. A session designed by VSA’s HR and instructional design specialists, which would be
free to attend but would require internal time and labor costs; HR anticipates a start of
two months from implementation would prevent interrupting normal business practices.
Because the responsibilities are not included in current faculty contracts, FAB recommends
stipends of $50 for each review completed. With the new internal PFPR process, FAB anticipates
faculty reviews would no longer be overturned and there would not be a need to conduct
secondary reviews. Additionally, FAB expects reviews to move to a 9-month rolling cycle rather
than once every academic year.