Course IT640 - Networking and Telecommunications Phase 3 IP 3 and DB 3 Network Designs and Topologies

Network Designs and Topologies
Phase 3 - Task 1
Task Type:
Discussion Board
Deliverable Length:
See Assignment Details
Primary Discussion Response is due by Wednesday


Primary Task Response: Within the Discussion Board area, write 400–600 words that respond to the following questions with your thoughts, ideas, and comments. This will be the foundation for future discussions by your classmates. Be substantive and clear, and use examples to reinforce your ideas:

After reviewing the story, conduct research online into the various possibilities for analyzing and approaching the end-to-end problems that were presented, and propose possible solutions.

Before you start this assignment, please read the story entitled Problem at the Courthouse. This can be found in the LAN/WANS/MANS MUSE. This can also be found in your text materials for Week 3.

Attached is the U3_Story file. After reading the story, complete the following:

Discuss the specific recommendations you would make based on your personal experience and research.
Discuss what effective network endpoint design considerations are relevant and how they can be implemented for the company that was mentioned in the story.
Provide specific examples of how you would address the problems that were mentioned in the story.
How can you apply the lessons that you learned from the story to your own retail store problem?
Provide feedback on the problem-solving recommendations that were made by your classmates.
Phase 3 - Task 2
Task Type:
Individual Project
Deliverable Length:
Word document of 4–5 pages (excluding references and cover page)
The retail store knows that the current network model is not reliable, and the idea of adding a Web server to host its Web site seems unfeasible. To the best of his ability, Matt (the information technology [IT] support person) has shared with you that there is an AS/400 mainframe, 15 workstations, a router, several hubs to support 3 workgroups of 5 nodes each, a database, and a file server. It is hoped that the company will grow and that it will need to hire more employees in the near future. Internet access is sporadic, but it is supposed to work (according to the cable company).

Examples are provided in the attached U3Examples zip file to help with this assignment.

Network Design Diagram (4–5 pages)

The project deliverables for this week are as follows:

Create a local area network (LAN) design diagram of the current network that describes the hardware and software resources that Matt described.
Create a revised LAN design diagram of your proposed network that describes the hardware and software resources that you recommend be implemented.
Provide a rationale for your network design.
In support of your revised LAN diagram, provide a specific narrative that details the specific changes that you are recommending and why you feel that those changes should be made.
Provide an analysis as to how this part of the project fulfills the mission and 1 or more goals of the case study organization.
Note: Use Microsoft Visio or equivalent to create the LAN design diagrams (current and revised). You will embed the diagrams in the Word document and also provide them as attachments.
All sources should be cited both in-text and in References using APA format.
Name the document "yourname_IT640_IP3.doc."