Course HRMT620 – Strategic Human Capital Management

Phase 4 - Task 1
Task Type: 	Discussion Board
Deliverable Length: 	Primary Task: 400–600 words; 



Primary Discussion Response is due by Wednesday
Primary Task Response: Your first task is to post your own Key Assignment Outline to the discussion area so that other students are able to review your plan. Attach your document to the main discussion post, and include any notes you feel are appropriate. The purpose of this assignment is to help improve the quality of the Key Assignment Draft you will complete next week.

Secondary Task Response: Respond to the following scenario with your thoughts, ideas, and comments. Be substantive and clear, and use research to reinforce your ideas.
Additional Information: It has been approximately 1 year since the development and implementation of your change management plan at AGC. During that time, Shawn provided high levels of feedback to John and the board of directors. In addition, he ensured that employees at all locations were aware of the changes, up-to-date on progress made to integrate the changes, and be informed about results from milestones delivered. Honest communication has been important to the success of this implementation. Your recommendation to celebrate victories and reward those in the organization that contributed to the success of this initiative was well-received by everyone at AGC. One day during the last stage of implementation, the phone rings at your office.
"Hi, Shawn," you say. "How are you?"
"Doing well," he says. "I'm calling because I hear that the board will soon be requesting a full report on the changes made to AGC's global human capital management program. The recommendations and guidance that you provided to me and the core team have been useful as we identified and diagnosed the root causes of problems at AGC," he says. "It is time to execute appropriate interventions at headquarters in the United States and at the three subsidiaries. We should get started on that now, even before the formal request."
"Okay," you say. "Would you send me what you're thinking about? I'm heading out the door right now, but I can start working on a report right away."
"Will do," he says. "Thanks again."
An hour later, Shawn's e-mail arrives with the following list:

    Develop a list of critical interventions that need to be integrated at AGC.
    Identify changes that you and the core team could recommend to Shawn to optimize learning and development opportunities.
    Describe at least 1 training program that you would develop to improve cultural diversity problems.
    Describe the advantages of using cross-cultural teams.
    Identify opportunities for improving global staffing and recruiting strategies. 

Phase 4 - Task 2
Task Type: 	Individual Project
Deliverable Length: 	1,500–2,000 words


Key Assignment Draft
Additional Information: The board at AGC needs a status update on your change management project. Shawn wants to bring you in to consult about how this should be handled and what challenges may be in store for him during this feedback process. Shawn asks you to write an executive report for John and the board of directors regarding the change management process and all progress made in resolving the global human capital management problems associated with AGC. Shawn meets you for lunch to discuss what he needs.
"It's good to see you," he says.
"Thanks for calling," you say. "I have enjoyed working with you on this project."
"I'll get right to the point," he says. "We need you to develop an executive report of the overall plan and all activities completed to date. This report should include an overview regarding the value of human capital management, various human capital management problems, leadership styles and their impact on organizational cultures, the steps in your change management plan, diagnostics, data analysis, root cause analysis, and interventions implemented. This list is not all-inclusive."
"Okay," you say. "Is there anything else that needs to be included in the report?"
"Glad you ask," he says. "You need to provide responses to some questions, as well. I'll send a contract that spells everything out."
"Very good," you say.
The next day, Shawn's contract arrives, and it itemizes all of the requirements for the report that he talked about at lunch.
The executive report should be 1,500–2,000 words and should include the following:

    An overview regarding the value of human capital management
    Various human capital management problems
    Leadership styles and their impact on organizational cultures
    The steps in your change management plan
    Data analysis
    Root cause analysis
    Interventions implemented
    Scholarly references 

Note: This list is not all-inclusive.
In addition, the following questions are added at the bottom:

    Has your plan been effective, and how has this been measured?
    Should there be adjustments?
    Are there additional recommendations for improvements?
    What are the next steps?