Paper instructions:
Describe an interaction with a client/supervisor/agency that you experienced countertransference. How did you respond? At the time, what made you choose the response you chose?

Reflection of Interaction
Identify what countertransference feelings were being elicited?
Are these feelings from me/my past issues/past clients? Or are these feelings the types of responses this client (supervisor, etc.) would elicit in anyone? Or both?
Think about the Transference. Why is the client (supervisor,etc.) doing this? Would they be this way with any social worker or more so with me? If so, what signals am I sending off? What other factors (age, ethnicity, gender, style, etc.) may be affecting the transference.
Knowing what I know about myself and this client (supervisor, agency, etc.), how can I best handle my interaction with my client in the future?
What did I learn about myself? How will it inform my practice?
What issues do you struggle the most within your practice?