As you think about implementing the training program at DNA, you know that you will need to collect data in order to prove ROI. ROI is calculated by dividing operational results by the training costs. These numbers are arrived at from conducting a cost-benefit analysis. Although you cannot actually calculate ROI now, since the training has not yet occurred, you can prepare a plan for completing this analysis. It is important to note that all companies compute ROI differently depending on the size of the training project.

Imagine that one part of the training program you are developing is a custom, off-site training workshop on coaching skills for project managers. Complete the following:
•Review the Cost-Benefit Analysis Scoring Guide to ensure that you have met the requirements for this assignment.
•Fill out the Cost-Benefit Analysis template in the Resources.
•Outline the costs and benefits you will analyze during the evaluation stage of this training program. It is not necessary to include numbers at this point, simply prepare a plan for the numbers you will need to collect throughout the development and evaluation processes.
•Include in your plan: ?A list of cost types possible for this training program.
?The evaluation outcomes for the training program.
?An explanation of how you will measure the outcomes in terms of operational results.

u05a2 Cost-Benefit Analysis Template
Elements Align with the Distinguished Categories of the Scoring Guide

Part 1: Costs
1.	List specific costs for each category that might be incurred for the project managers’ coaching workshop.
2.	Identify and briefly describe appropriate costs that might be incurred during the project managers’ coaching workshop in the categories of direct, indirect, developmental, overhead costs, and compensation for trainees.
3.	Also provide a rationale for costs identified.
4.	Add rows as you feel necessary.

Direct Costs Identification	Description	Rationale
Indirect Costs	Description	Rationale
Development Costs	Description	Rationale
Overhead Costs	Description	Rationale
Compensation for Trainees	Description	Rationale

Part 2: Benefits
1.	Define the appropriate evaluation outcomes for the project managers’ coaching workshop and provide a rationale.
2.	Add rows as you feel necessary.

Evaluation Outcomes

1.	Determine appropriate operational results to be measured to show the benefits of training and provide a rationale for selection of operational results to be measured.

Operational Results Measures 	Rationale