When answering the corresponding questions, make sure to use your textbook to guide you in framing your answers, and make sure to use proper attribution with the author's name and page number (use proper APA citation to do this). Answering each question requires you to provide an in depth reflection of your experiences, your knowledge and your skills. Answering each question also requires you to question and analyze your professionalism in the field.
Grammar and Spelling: Proper grammar and spelling matter here, as well as your ability to synthesize information in a way that your teacher can understand, as well as your peers.
Positioning Your Answers: Remember, although all of your fellow students in the class are business professionals, not all business professionals have the same knowledge or skill set. Make sure to position your answers in a clear and concise way for ALL to understand. Each question should require you to answer in no less than 300 words and no more then 400 words

Discuss the challenges international marketers face when selling through the Internet.