Convergence, Divergence and Crossvergence
When the goal of a headquarters is to integrate closely with a subsidiary, it becomes essential to understand culturally-defined behaviours and values, in addition to local laws and practices.

1.How useful are theories of convergence, divergence and crossvergence in explaining the complexities of relationships between headquarters and subsidiaries, and how is this theoretical framework similar to or different from other cross-cultural management frameworks which you have studied in this module?

2. Which theoretical framework(s) would you apply when considering how to bring about more effective integration with subsidiaries and minimise risk for headquarters?

3. Share a detailed process for integration starting with discovery of various cultures involved. Include one or two real world examples.

Use Harvard Referencing Style. Include citing in the text from the article and other references.

No plagirism and between 500- 1200 words

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CHPT 18,20 & 23