This is a CONSUMER BEHAVIOUR (Marketing) course assignment.

The company that the assignment is on is REEL CINEMAS.

Find out how they apply consumer behaviour concepts in their day-to-day activities to market their products/services.

The five consumer behaviour concepts you have to talk about are:

1) The contextual effect. (For example people buy more popcorn at the cinema.)

2) Situational Influence of being in the cinema

3) Functional quality of cinemas. (Parking, wide selection, payment method, location, etc...)

4) Affective quality (Colors, lights, music, odor, crowd, ease of movement, etc...)

5) Hedonic motivation

Write ONE page for each of these points, meaning you have to write FIVE pages in total.

Please relate the 5 consumer behaviour concepts to Reel Cinemas (or cinemas in general if you can't find anything on Reel Cinemas) and give examples.

If you feel like the concepts mentioned above are not suitable, choose other concepts but let me know before you work on them.

Consumer Behavior Project guidelines (Spring 2013-14)
Presentation guidelines
•	Select a UAE company; and find out how they apply consumer behavior concepts in their day-to-day activities to market their products/services.
•	Use any five consumer behavior concepts’ (e.g., subliminal perception) and their application that you learned from the CB course. 
•	Each point will be evaluated based on appropriate examples and the way it is presented.
Report guidelines
•	Five pages report one page for each concept with examples. 
•	Add title page, reference page, and appendices.
•	The due date of the report submission to Moodle is 26 May (10% penalty per day for late submission)