Consider yourself a consultant who has been hired to do various marketing research tasks

Subject: Business / Marketing
Must have SPSS to complete this assignment

Directions:Throughout this assignment, consider yourself a consultant who has been hired to do various marketing research tasks. There are five data analysis questions. For these, run the assigned analyses in SPSS and report the results. In addition to reporting the results in written form, include the actual output either with the answer or in an Appendix. Be sure to clearly label the output in the Appendix with the question number and highlight your findings. Also, I will ask for an interpretation of your findings. You always want to interpret the results in the context that they are given and in terms that a client would understand. Use the name of the construct or variable (e.g. physical confrontation and not “PHYSX2”) and tell me in plain English what your findings mean.

The best approach is to be brief but very clear. Also, to avoid confusion, make sure yo clearly label the question you are answering before you present the results.

Please use the “VIET Data.sav” data file to answer the following questions. These data are from a study on customer rage behaviors in Vietnam, so assume customers had a service failure of some sort and their responses have to do with their feelings of anger and retaliation after the event. The survey questions that correspond to each variable are listed and can be seen by clicking on the “variable view” tab and looking at the “labels.”
Regression:One of the most important issues for service firms is their “churn rate,” which refers to the rate at which a firm loses current customers. Since most of these customers leave and switch to one of their competitors, not only is the firm losing a customer, but one of its competitors is gaining a customer. As you can see, this is a “double whammy” for firms that can have a negative impact on their bottom lines. Let’s use regression to help firms understand the drivers of switching behavior. We’ll use EXIT2as the dependent variable. For independent variables, let’s use negemot (negative emotions scale) and VERBX (verbal expression scale)- plus PHYSX3(I made threatening physical gestures), and CONSTX1(I told myself to get over it and move on). Also, you are a bit concerned about multicollinearity in the data, so adjust your analysis accordingly.

Please explain in words what the obtained R2 statistic means.
Which individual variables were significant predictors of switching?
Please discuss what happened in your analyses and why. In other words, discuss what happened when variables were added to your model.
Please write the regression equation from the model you just ran.
Which of the variables is the key driver of switching and how do you know?
Did we violate any of our assumptions? How do you know?

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