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Conduct research on the economic performance of ONE (1) country over the last ten years, from 2004 to 2013, applying the macroeconomic indicators of real GDP, real GDP growth rate, real GDP per capita , unemployment rate and inflation rate to argue whether you think the performance to be strong or weak.

Each research of real GDP, real GDP growth rate, real GDP per capita, unemployment rate and inflation rate MUST PROVIDE A GRAPH and then explain it. The explanation is like below.

Discuss the performance of the economy over those ten years and provide evidenceand explanations for the economic performance such as a high unemployment rate,high inflation rate and/or steady, long-term economic growth. Where appropriate, youshould also explain how the policies of the government aim to achieve full employment,stable price and/or economic growth.

Assignment Format


• Provide an overview of the economy chosen

Production Output Performance Analysis

• GDP, GDP growth rate, GDP per capita analysis

• Describe and explain performance trends

• Government’s measures to achieve the economic performance

Labour Market Analysis

• Describe unemployment trends

• Types of unemployment

• Government measures to achieve full employment

Price Level Analysis

• Describe the inflation trend

• Causes of inflation

• Government measures to achieve stable price


• Summary of key highlights of discussion

1000-1200 word.