Please answer the four discussion questions. All questions can be answered on two pages of work. ”. PLEASE DON’T JUMBO ANSWERS TOGETHER!  Please keep responses numbered. Put references and sources under their proper discussion questions. Additionally, posts require proper APA citations (this includes in-text citations and references section). Use APA citations. Use as many sources as needed. 

These eActivity go with discussion question 1 & 2.

•	 Week 2 eActivity 1 
•	Go to the Bureau of Consumer Protection Website to read the article titled “A Common Sense Look at CAN-SPAM”. Be prepared to discuss.
•	 Week 2 eActivity 2 
•	Go to the U.S. Census’s County Business and Demographics Map to explore your community in relationship to two other communities from two different states. Be prepared to discuss.
•	Click on explore the map in the bottom-right-hand corner, enter a city and state, and double click on the map. Click on Compare, click on Get Started, then add another city and state into the top-right search window; hit Find. When the city comes up on the map, double click and you will see the city loaded into the comparison table. Load up to five cities. Once the five are loaded across the top, choose topics down the left. This will populate the number of businesses in those areas.
•	 Week 2 eActivity 3 
•	Go to the U.S. Census Bureau’s American Fact Finder Website. Be prepared to discuss.
•	Enter what you would like to search for in the “topic or table name” box (you may review available topics by selecting the “Topics” ? ? button on the upper left of the page). Enter your state in the “ geography” box. Click the GO button.

Week 2 Discussion 1 

"Ethics and Social Responsibility" Please respond to the following:
•	From the first e-Activity, develop an email blast for a local charity event, ensuring that it complies with the regulations found in the article from the Bureau of Consumer Protection.
•	Determine whether corporate responsibility replaced the concept of “buyer beware”. Provide specific examples to support your response.

Week 2 Discussion 2 

"The Marketing Environment" Please respond to the following:
•	From the second e-Activity, determine how this map feature provided by the U.S .census would help a medium-sized business expand across the U.S.
•	From the third e-Activity, determine how a company could use this information for target marketing.

Week 2 Discussion 3 

"Significant Historical Computer Crimes" Please respond to the following:
•	From the e-Activity, identify details on how the researched crimes developed throughout time.  Also, identify the methods or technologies that were put into place to control and prevent these specific computer crimes.
•	Determine if these historical crimes have changed the culture or ethics associated with computers and information management.  Explain the effectiveness of existing computer crime detection methods and technologies.

Week 2 Discussion 4

"Social Engineering"  Please respond to the following: 
•	Create a fictitious scenario in which someone uses social engineering and obtains key confidential information pertaining to a corporation.  Describe steps that an organization can act upon in order to minimize this threat.
•	Give your opinion as to whether you feel educating users and corporate personnel are essential to minimizing information losses or breaches of information security with respect to social engineering.