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This assignment requires the creation of an at least 5-page APA compliant multiple source essay citing at most four peer reviewed full text journal articles fetched from ProQuest, BE & T, InfoTrac, and Academic OneFile. The essay should demonstrate the following:

? Compare and contrast three business research papers as to describe how the researchers presented their findings and prepared their publications or report.

? Explain why the researchers exhibited similarities and differences in how they presented their findings and prepared their publications or report.

? Derive three rules given the above analysis.

? Explain why the rules you derived is important.

Further, the essay should have segments clearly labeled using APA Level 1 and 2 headings.

You may wish to consider the following steps to help organize your pre-writing efforts:

Step 1.Brainstorm ideas and develop a thesis statement for the paper.

Step 2.Gather ideas into lists by listing subordinate ideas beneath main ideas.

Step 3.Organize the lists as to build a logical argument supporting your thesis statement.

Step 4.Create an outline of the introduction paragraph containing the thesis statement.

Step 5.Create an outline of the conclusion justifying your thesis statement.

Step 6.Begin drafting your paper!

The Introduction Paragraph

The introduction paragraph should orientate the reader, prepare them for the essay, and explicitly state the thesis statement. Introductions tend to be nine or less sentences and often draw upon one of the following strategies:

Historical Introduction.A brief historical review of the topic may be helpful in presenting a thesis statement.

Anecdotal Approach.A very brief story may be helpful in presenting a thesis statement.

Surprising Statement.Using a surprising statement or fact may lead a reader into a thesis statement.

Posing a Question.Sometimes posing a question as to hook the reader may lead them into a thesis statement.

The Funnel Strategy.This strategy opens with a very broad statement followed by a series of statements landing the reader onto the thesis statement.

No matter the strategy, your introduction should hook the reader and end upon your thesis statement.

Body Paragraphs

The bulk of the essay uses body paragraphs as to support the thesis statement. Strong body paragraphs contain the following elements:

? A topic sentence encapsulating and organizing the entire paragraph.

? Potentially one or two additional sentences explaining the topic sentence.

? Introduction, statement, and unpacking of evidence as to support the topic sentence.

? One or two concluding sentences illustrating how the paragraph contributed to the support of the thesis statement.

Conclusion Paragraph(s)

The conclusions section should quickly summarize the evidence while justifying the thesis statement as the natural conclusion. The essay requires the following components:

? A clearly stated thesis supported by an organized essay using Level 1 and 2 headings.

? The creation of a multiple source essayciting at most three peer reviewed full text journal articles. All papers mentioned in the references must be cited within the body text.

? One APA formatted short quote used to support the essay.

? APA formatted paper including:

o Font: Times New Roman, 12 point, and double spaced.

o Margins: One inch margins, all around.

o Indents: One-half inch indent as to begin a paragraph.

o Proper APA citations and references.

o Proper use of Level 1 headings as to label the introduction, main body,and conclusionssegments.

o Proper use of Level 2 headings as to label the sections within the main bodyand conclusions.

o A proper title page.

o A reference page utilizing hanging indents and alphabetized by the last name of the first author.

? Free of spelling errors and minimal use of passive voice.