This is the topic for my paper:
A)	Idea for the Leadership and reason why the topic is important to you. “Communication is one of the keys to great leadership and effective leadership”. A decent leader must have the capacity to impart adequately to have the capacity to assemble the data they have to decide. They should additionally have the capacity to impart guidelines to the gathering they are leading. Idea to enhance your listening aptitudes incorporates verifying you have sufficient energy to tune in. Earnestly listening to what is, no doubt said without arranging your own particular reactions to what is continuously said. Attempting to place you in the speaker's shoes to truly comprehend what they are stating (Baldock, 2014)
There are various leadership exercises that could be utilized within a gathering setting to help you to enhance your communication skills. Pretenses are a standout amongst the most prevalent Leadership amusements to help you enhance your communication skills furthermore an extraordinary leadership movement to attempt inside a gathering setting. “ Communication is a key to great leadership as well as a vital life expertise” (Schwulst, 2014). Leadership exercises are exercises that are gone for enhancing your own particular individual capacities and aptitudes. Leadership exercises incorporate methods that might be utilized to enhance Leadership capacities on an individual premise or methodologies that could be utilized inside a gathering setting to make mindfulness and a change of the Leadership aptitudes of the parts inside the gathering. Each vocation way at some stage will oblige you to show compelling Leadership aptitudes regardless of what employment you may have or what industry you may be in. In spite of the fact that Leadership abilities fall into place without any issues for some individuals, in opposition to mainstream thinking, Leadership aptitudes can likewise be learned or taught. By putting re in a course on Leadership, you can enhance your shots of ascending the professional pecking order.
(B) Leadership Movie We Were Soldiers The Leadership film We Were Soldiers is brimming with Leadership gold. Despite the fact that principally characterized as a "man" motion picture with the scenery of war, this true to life work might be emptied of incredible initiative attributes. The military has constantly relied on upon wonderful initiative and its something to be respected by most. (Schwulst, 2014) This Leadership film, We Were Warriors recounts the story of the beginning military development into North Vietnam by the United States. The US military has spearheaded another method of assault with the air mounted force being moved around by helicopters and Hal Moore is the Colonial to lance head this new connect technique. The Colonial is an informed man and a conferred Leader who knows the downsides and conceivable failings of this new framework. On the other hand, he completes his requests and trains his young people in the methods for war. (Baldock, 2014) In the end the request comes into move into Vietnam and the assault begins against the strengths of northern Vietnam. Through stories of fortitude, triumph and misfortune Hal Moore's man's battle for the nation they put stock in and for one another. The Leadership motion picture We Were Warriors delineates a story of what genuine bravery is and how vital genuine leadership is all through different parts of life.

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Schwulst, B. (2014). Leadership Activities: Improve Your Skills and Abilities. Retrieved 23 September 2014, from
The leadership paper should be 3-5 pages, double-spaced, APA (sixth edition) format.
B. Discuss THREE supervisory techniques that they used, using specific examples from the movie or TV episode. Do not spend too much effort explaining the background or details of the scenario, just get to the point.
C. Make sure to discuss the following topics:
i Which of the supervisory techniques were effective? Why?
ii. Which supervisory techniques were not effective? Why?
iii. Pick one scene and discuss what you would have done different as a supervisor and why.
iv. How does a high stress environment like war or the emergency room affect supervisory techniques, as compared to peacetime (or a less stressful environment)?
v. What supervisory trait do you most relate to and why? You should include a personal account from your life.
vi. Why do supervisors fail if they are using a "textbook" technique? Explain using the scenes from the movie / show or your own personal life to enhance your explanation.
Paper should contain no more than 20% direct citations or quotations. That means 80% should be your own analysis, thoughts, and ideas.
Use correct APA formatting for your paper
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