Paper instructions:
Communicating through electronic means is becoming more commonplace. Consider how your educational setting utilizes electronic communication within the district, as well as outside the district. What are the potential challenges that might arise from utilizing this form of communication?

Select a situation related to a budgeting issue that has occurred in your educational setting. For this exercise, craft an electronic communication as though you are a district leader, including the following elements:
A summary of the current budgeting issue and the impact it may have on student learning
A description of the stakeholders you would include in the communication and an explanation of why they are essential recipients of this communication
An explanation of why you are advocating for or against the budget issue presented and what you might propose to address the issue

My school district services a poor/urban clientele so make sure your targeting the lack of funding and how its hard for students to all amicably get work done via computer programs. Let me know if the above information is enough to go on, and remember my text for this class is Michael Fullan “The six secrets of change” and “Cognitive Coaching” by Arthur Costa and Robert Garmston.