COM301 Unit 3 Uses & Gratification Project –

Subject: General Questions    / General General Questions

Part A: Prepare a Media Usage Inventory that details your media use for 3 days and analyze using the Uses and Gratification model. You will be analyzing your journal entries next week and drawing connections from your media use to the Uses & Gratification model discussed this week.

Starting today, keep a journal of all the media you “use” for the next three days (each television show you watch, every magazine or newspaper you look at/read, all the radio and CDs you listen to, email, text, billboards, movies/DVDs, bumper stickers, etc.)

For each journal entry note the following: (Follow this exact format for each entry!)

Medium used: television, Jersey Shore
Day/time used: Thursday 10pm-11pm
Setting/context: Dorm room
Other people present: Roommates Sue and Jill
Your reason for and reaction to the media used: Needed a break from schoolwork and we needed a good laugh.
Uses and Gratification category: Diversion