Coca cola-Marketing Plans

Subject: Business    / Marketing

Learning about the marketing plan is an integral part of becoming a master in marketing. This exercise teaches you about what goes into putting together a marketing plan.

Please select one company from Dow Jones Industrial Average Index and write a paper about their marketing plans. Go to to see the list of available companies. Let me know what company you have selected by June 4.

This assignment is worth 10 points toward your overall grade. Your paper must be uploaded into blackboard via a Microsoft Word document with your name on it, using Arial 12 point font, 1 inch margins on top, bottom, and both sides, and be at least 5 full pages in length and not exceed 8 pages. It is due by July 2nd by 6:00 p.m. EST. Grading will be based on length of paper, quality of writing and grammar skills, and demonstrated amount of research into company chosen.

The outline to follow for your Marketing Plan Project is below. If there is a number in parentheses next to an item it means that is how many examples or answers you need to provide for that section. Page length guidelines for each section have also been provided. Please use chapter 2 of your textbook and use the Sample Marketing Plan PDF file located in > Blackboard >Student Resources > External Links.

I will be talking about coca cola company!!


1. Executive Summary: (½ – 1 page)

Provide a synopsis of what your company’s marketing plan contains.

2. Environmental Analysis: (1 – 1 ½ pages)

Provide an analysis on the company’s external environment,

a. The Marketing Environment

i. Competitive forces (1)

ii. Economic forces (1)

iii. Political forces (1)

iv. Legal and Regulatory Forces (1)

v. Technological Forces (1)

vi. Sociocultural Forces (1)

3. SWOT Analysis: (1 – 1 ½ pages)

Conduct a SWOT analysis on the company.

a. Strengths (2)

b. Weaknesses (2)

c. Opportunities (2)

d. Threats (2)

4. Marketing Objectives: (3) (½ – 1 page)

Discuss three of the company’s current marketing objectives and discuss their performance.

5. Marketing Strategies: (2) (1 page)

Describe two of the company’s current specific target market strategies and one specific strategy for each of the marketing mix areas.

a. Specific Target Market Strategies (2)

b. Marketing Mix Strategies

i. Product Strategies (1)

ii. Pricing Strategies (1)

iii. Promotion Strategies (1)

iv. Placement Strategies (1)

6. Marketing Implementation: (1 page)

Describe how the company implements its marketing strategies. Describe what activities and timelines the company uses in its implementation.

Marketing Organization
Activities and Timetables for Completion

7. Performance Evaluation: (1 page)

Describe how the company evaluates its marketing performance.

Performance Standards and Financial Controls
Measuring Actual Performance