Subject: Chemistry    / General Chemistry

76. Coal can be used to generate hydrogen gas (a potential fuel) by this endothermic reaction.
C(s) + H2O(g) = CO(g) + H2(g)
If this reaction mixture is at equilibrium, predict the effect (shift right, shift left, or no effect) of the following:
a. adding more C to the reaction mixture
b. adding more H2O(g) to the reaction mixture
c. raising the temperature of the reaction mixture
d. increasing the volume of the reaction mixture
e. adding a catalyst to the reaction mixture

90. Complete the table. Assume that all concentrations are equilibrium concentrations in moles per liter, M.

Compound [Caption] [Anion] Ksp
CdS 3.7 x 10 (-15) 3.7 x 10 (-15) __________
BaF2 _____________ 7.2 x 10 (-3) 1.9 x 10 (-7)
Ag2SO4 2.8 x 10 (-2) ______________ 1.1 x 10 (-5)

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