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CMIS 320 Relational Database Concept


Consider a student club or organization in which you are a member. What are the data entities of this enterprise? List and define each entity. Then, develop an enterprise data model showing these entities and important relationships between them.

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For each of the following descriptions:

a. A piano manufacturer wants to track all pianos it makes. Each piano has a unique serial number and a manufacturing completion date. Each instrument represents exactly one piano model, all of which have an identification number and model. The company produces thousands of pianos of a certain model, and the design is specified before any single piano exists.

b. A vendor builds multiple types of tablet computers. Each has a type identification number and a name. The key specifications for each type include amount of storage and display type. The company uses multiple processor types, exactly one of which is used for a specific tablet type. The same processor can be used in multiple types of tablets. Each processor has a manufacturer and a manufacturer’s unique code that identifies it.

Perform the following tasks:

1. Identify the degree and cardinalities of the relationship.
2. Express the relationships graphically with an E-R diagram.

Document your work into a single, well-organized, well-written word document and submit no later than due date.

Question 3

CMIS 320 7380 Relational Database Concepts and Applications

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You are working for country club with thousands of members. You have been tasked with designing a database to keep track of the members and their guests.

The club keeps track of mail and telephone contact information, name and membership number. When a member joins the club they can become a social member with pool, racket ball and weight room privileges or golf member which includes all of the social member privileges plus access to the golf course.

Develop, document and design an EER for this situation.

Submit your word document no later than the due date.

Entities and Attributes

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You have been tasked to create a database for your college to track students, their courses (past, present, and future), grades and academic standing, and instructors.

Describe the entities and their attributes that might be required for this application, the type of database processing required, and the application software needed.

Consider all users of the application and how the issues of data integrity, security, and user interfaces would best be handled

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